Helping Your Small Business Grow.

Growing your business can be a struggle. You already have so many different aspects of your business to focus on and it can be a challenge to make sure you are doing everything correctly on the financial side of your business. That is why we decided to specialize in helping small businesses take their business to the next level. Our mission is to help you focus on running your business with the peace of mind that your bookkeeping services are being handled by a company that understands your needs.

Your Virtual Bookkeeper

Peggie Walter
Virtual Bookkeeper

Summary of Experience: I can offer you 12+ years of experience in business and networking.  I have a great eye for detail, excellent management skills and love to serve and help small businesses.

Education: QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor

Specialties: As an online entrepreneur myself, I have a special affinity for other small businesses and personal service entrepreneurs.

Please consider allowing me to help with your bookkeeping tasks while you focus on your own clients.  As a small business bookkeeper, I can help you keep accurate records, provide your tax professional comprehensive information, and help you devote your time to do what you do best.  With excellent coordination, we can automate your bookkeeping tasks, collect the right data, and improve cash flow by helping you get paid on time.  I also can generate meaningful reports for future planning of large purchases and minimize taxes by supplying accurate information to your tax professional.